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Improving Lives

Dentist in Bellingham, WA

Dr. Aimée Werremeyer and Dr. Luke Wezeman, Bellingham dentists, are committed to providing you with excellent dentistry in a comfortable environment. You deserve a skilled, experienced dental team that can help you ensure great oral health. Experience what patient-centered care can do for you. We welcome new patients of all ages.

We Care About You

Your experience with us is our number one concern. We listen to your personal story to develop a treatment plan alongside you that strives to reach your health goals so you can live your best life.

At our office, you are not “just another patient”; you are an individual and are unique and we prefer to treat you that way.  We want to get to know YOU and what is most important in your life. We realize you are sharing personal information with us and we do not take that lightly. We hold your concerns at heart level and will give you our top-notch service because we feel that’s what you deserve.

At Love Dentistry, we recognize that you are trusting us to help you reach your health goals and we promise to give you our very best!  We can’t wait to get to know you and help you live your most vibrant life!

We are Highly Skilled, Educated and Experienced

We are passionate about health and providing you with an outstanding experience in our office. Dr. Aimee and Dr. Luke have each spent more than a decade providing comprehensive dentistry and improving lives in their communities.

We have an ongoing commitment to education, team collaboration and continuous improvement in every aspect of our careers. We invest and empower our team because we believe that we are only able to provide the best for others when we are taking care of ourselves. We spend time discussing our purpose, developing our core values and strategizing how we can better serve our community. We take care of each other because a highly educated and well-functioning team can accomplish more together for you.

At Love Dentistry, our friendly and extremely knowledgeable dental team will help you achieve your goals with proficient dentistry in a fun-loving environment.  From the minute you walk in the door, you will see and feel how our team supports you at the optimal level.

Contact our office for an appointment today.

We Think Our Patients Deserve the Best

Our gorgeous office was built not only to serve the ergonomic concerns of our amazing team, but we have our patient’s comfort and safety at the forefront of our minds. The culture we have created is warm and welcoming as we greet you with sincere smiles and are genuinely happy to see you.

We offer blankets, heated neck and shoulder wraps, television, headphones, and earplugs. We have installed heaters in our water lines so we can rinse your mouth with warm water making your treatment more comfortable for you. We use the most effective and long-lasting dental materials because we feel you deserve the best. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to gather detailed information to lead you down a path of success in achieving your overall health goals.

At Love Dentistry of Bellingham, we do all things with love and will treat you like family.  Come see for yourself!

Bellingham WA Dentist

“Your family’s healthy, beautiful smiles are our top priority. We care for you because we care about you.” - Dr. Aimée Werremeyer

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Dentist in Bellingham, WA

Comprehensive Dentistry

Dentist in Bellingham, WA

Dental Implants

Dental implants function and appear like natural teeth.

TMJ Treatment

We can help relieve TMD pain, reduce stiffness, and increase function.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is about making your dreams come true.

Care For All Ages

We want to provide your family a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles.

Meet Our Team

Meet our kind and knowledgeable team

Dental Office Amenities

We offer many amenities to ensure your comfort.

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Dentist in Bellingham, WA

We’re Open!

Great news! Love Dentistry is now open for in-office visits. Our goal, as always, is to provide our patients and our team with a safe, comfortable dental home.

Here are some of the things our dental team is doing to ensure your safety:

  • Hand Hygiene
    Proper handwashing is one of the most important measures our team takes to prevent the spread of infection. For routine dental exams and nonsurgical procedures, we wash thoroughly with water and hand soap specifically created for healthcare settings.
  • Personal Protective Equipment
    We possess and use all necessary protective equipment, including face masks, face shields, gloves, protective eyewear, and protective clothing. Worn by our team and changed regularly, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is designed to protect everyone in our practice from exposure to infectious agents.
  • Sterilization and Disinfection of Patient-Care Items and Devices
    Instruments and equipment used in your care are all regularly sterilized and disinfected to ensure that your health is never at risk. Items such as surgical instruments and mouth mirrors are always sterilized before each use.
  • Regular Sanitation:
    Common touchpoints, including seating, workspaces, door handles, railings, and restrooms are sanitized on a regular basis by our team with effective cleaning solutions certified to kill viruses.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office today for more information.

We look forward to seeing your smiles.

- Love Dentistry

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