Curodont Repair Fluoride Plus

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For the treatment of early carious lesions:

At Love Dentistry, we are committed to embracing the latest advancements in dental care to ensure our patients receive the most effective, comfortable, and minimally invasive treatments available.  We are thrilled to introduce Curodont™ Repair Fluoride Plus, a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize the way we treat and prevent tooth decay.

A chairside, drill-free product, applied by dental professionals directly to the affected site that reverses early-stage cavities.

This treatment is recommended for patients of any age where a cavity starts forming. It is commonly used for patients who are prone to developing cavities, such as those who are in braces.

The process of Curodont is easy and fast. The application steps are as follows:

  • We thoroughly clean the teeth
  • The teeth are dried
  • A liquid solution is applied to the area
  • The solution remains on the dry area for 5 minutes
  • Patients must refrain from eating or drinking for 30 minutes

Curodont provides the scaffolding for remineralization of enamel using minerals found in your own saliva!

Remineralization can occur in a matter of months & verified by radiographs.

Not all cavities are suitable for Curodont. Schedule your next check-up and ask us to learn more!

Contact Love Dentistry today to schedule your appointment or learn more about how we are pioneering the future of dental care.  Join us in embracing a healthier, happier smile with Curodont™.

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